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How to download Appcake
Chadsmith Jason | Технології | Інтернет

Installous has been the ideal repo to find large variety of free and free tweaks for latest iOS. However, Installous has been shut down due to hosting problems. Fortunately, there are a couple more alternative Cydia Repos that offer same material. Appcake is the initial and the very best repo that offers all Installous apps at free of charge. It's also known as best Installous alternative.

To begin with, you should know that what is AppCake? Its also known as iPAStore. IPAStore is restart for this title. AppCake+ is the newest version in it's collection. It's created by iPhoneCake.com for jailbroken Cydia empowered iOS apparatus. It provides many paid alterations and programs. It requires jailbroken iOS with Cydia. To install it, you still will need the right repo.

Download Appcake if you previously used Installous, but can no longer access the application as a result of experiencing error messages. Appcake is an alternative to Installous and works in the same manner in that it allows you to download paid apps for free so you can try them before you buy them.

Source: http://freecydiadownload.com/install-appcake-repo/
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